Below are some guidelines for getting started as a women’s gymnastics judge.

Testing: The first thing to do is take the compulsory test – it is 50 multiple choice questions on USA levels 4 and 5 (no AAU).
Questions include:
1. Value of major elements (ex. 0.2, 0.4, 0.6 values in compulsory book) & the order in which they are performed

2.Deductions make up the bulk of the current test. Make charts or flash cards as there are a lot! Specifically, know any deduction that is different between events (ex. insufficient dynamics is up to 0.3 on vault, but up to 0.2 on bars, beam, and floor).

3. Allowable range of scores How to calculate a score average for both 2-judge (i.e. just average the 2 scores) and 4-judge panels (i.e. drop the high and low scores, then average the 2 middle scores)

New Judge Course Video

All questions come from the Women’s Developmental Program (DP)  Compulsory book (There are two options – The full-size book for $75; the mini-size for $50.)  It can be ordered from USAG.

The test is $25 per attempt and you can take it up to 4 times per year. You can register online (1 week in advance) or by mail/fax (2 weeks in advance) before the testing date. The next compulsory testing opportunity in GA will be administered online through USAG.  Registration is availabl for the Online Level 4/5 Compulsory Judging exam.  Registration for the Level 4/5 Judging exam is available to both members and non-members of USA Gymnastics who are a minimum of 16 years of age. You must have a username/password. Haven’t created a username and password? Click here.

You can also test out of state if that’s more convenient for you. Here is the link for more information on testing: https://usagym.org/pages/women /pages/judging_accreditation. html

You are encouraged to obtain an optional rating as soon as possible as well. You generally start testing with Optional 7/8. However, if you competed at JO Nationals, you may have the option to start Optional testing at Level 9. Please let me know if this applies to you.  I would recommend NOT trying to take them on the same day – very overwhelming! You would need to buy the Women’s DP Code of Points:  https://usagym.org/pages/women/pages/jooptionals.html

Test Prep Help: https://nawgj.org/judging-aids/study-helps/

Memberships: Once you pass your test(s), you would need to join USA Gymnastics as a professional member ($93 per year), NAWGJ as a member ($60 per year), Background ($20), Safety Cert ($65) and AAU as a member ($16 per year). All memberships renew August 1st. These upfront costs are the biggest hurdle for new judges, but they are required so that you can legally be on the competition floor.

As part of your USA Professional Membership, you are also required to complete a background check (renewed every 2 years) and pass a safety certification course (renewed every 4 years)

More information about background checks.
https://usagym.org/pages/membe rship/pages/background_overvie w.html

More information on safety certification course.
https://usagym.org/pages/educa tion/courses/U101/

  • All Professional and Instructor members over the age of 18 will be required to complete Safe Sport educational training every two years.
  • The Safe Sport required course is the U110: The United States Olympic Committee Safe Sport course. This course is complimentary to all USA Gymnastics members.
  • The Safe Sport educational requirement is in addition to the required criminal background check screening for all members (Instructor and Professional). In addition to the requirements listed above, Professional members must complete the U101 Safety/Risk Management course and the U100 Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction course.
  • To get started on completing the new course requirement for membership,
    click here to register for the U110 course.

Assigning of meets in GA: We book all meets (i.e assign judges to meets) every August at Judges Blast Off meet. However, judges often need to replace themselves or meets are added throughout the season. If you test during the year, you might have opportunities to judge when someone needs a replacement. Having both a 4/5 compulsory AND optional rating is necessary though as the vast majority of meets have optional athletes.

Clinics: Majority take place in the summer.  (I.E. State Clinic, Regional Congress, National Congress)

Chelsa Albert
Georgia Judges Education and Recruitment Chairperson