I am so excited that you want to become a gymnastics judge. I am going to answer some basic questions, and then if you wish, I am going to assign you a “mentor” who is one of our current National level judges who will guide you through the process and help you prepare for testing.
Step 1: You will need to pass your Level 4/5 compulsory test. This test is online, open book, and can be done whenever you feel prepared. The test is 50 multiple choice questions which will cover the deductions and elements contained in the Level 4 and 5 compulsory routines. To prepare for the test, you will need access to the current 2021-2029 Developmental Program Compulsory Book. You can borrow this from a gym or current judge, or purchase your own from USA Gymnastics:
Step 2: Once you pass your test, you will need to join both USAG and NAWGJ. Additionally, once you actually start judging, you may need to join AAU and NGA if the meet you are assigned has athletes competing with these organizations. Your NAWGJ membership is $30 for the first year, and $60 each year thereafter. The current fee for the USAG membership is $97, and will also require you to pay to take the Safe Sport certification and to get a Background Check with NCSI. Below is a link to a document which will explain these items in more detail, and a link to the information page on the Georgia judges website (ga-nawgj.org).
Step 3: You will need to “practice judge” at 2 meets prior to being assigned to your first meet as a judge. You can chose which meets you want to attend, and will need to judge at least 1 session at level 4 and/or 5 and judge all 4 events at each meet.
Step 4: For the 1st year, you may wear a white shirt/blouse and navy blue pants. After your 1st year of judging, you will need to purchase the official uniform.
Step 5: Once you have passed your level 4/5 compulsory test, you are eligible to judge any of the compulsory levels 1-5 and Xcel levels Bronze and Silver. Additionally, you are immediately allowed to take your Level 7/8 Optional Test which consists of a similar type written online test, and an in person video test. The video test has to be done at a scheduled testing site, and will involve judging 7 routines on each event at level 8. It is open book, but it is timed and monitored. You will need access to the Developmental Program Optional Code of Points to prepare for your Level 7/8 test:
We encourage you to take your optional test as soon as possible because most of our meets will have higher levels than just 1-5 and Bronze/Silver, and so you will not be eligible to judge those meets without the higher optional rating. (You also make more money!).
6. Complete your CPE form each year. Annual CPE’s credits are required to test up to the next level and to be assigned to USA Gymnastics sanctioned events. The accreditation year is defined as August 1-July 31. 

Each judge is responsible to keep accurate records of their CPE, including documentation of attendance at approved CPE experiences. Documentation should correspond to the hours submitted on the Annual CPE Record Form.

Lastly, I would like to assign you a mentor to help you through the process, but this isn’t a requirement. You can reach out to your mentor to help with any questions, helping you prepare for testing, doing some practice judging with you as you prepare to start judging, and just being your “Go To” person as needed through this process. Just let me know if you want me to assign you a mentor.  You can also always reach out to me at any time.
Welcome and Good Luck Getting Started,
Becky Oppenheimer
cell – (770) 241-6243