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Check here for the latest information and updates from Kim!

2019 Judges Cup – NOVEMBER 9-10.  You will be hearing from Helena and Kathlyn soon for hospitality and staffing needs.

2020 Compulsory State Meet– HOSTED BY GA NAWGJ! – You will be hearing from Helena and Kathlyn for all needs. This meet is MANDATORY. Look for more updates from Kim.

Mileage Reimbursement:  Per the R&P – You must have a PRINTED MapQuest or similar for mileage reimbursement.  Please do not put your meet ref in the awkward position of saying “No” because you have not done what you are supposed to do.

Testing:  As you receive your test results, you must send me a copy of your new rating card AND update your rating on your NAWGJ membership.  I will update the assigning system.

Nametags:  If you need a nametag – send me your name as you would like it in am email with “Nametag” in the subject line.  I will try to have these for distribution at Judges Cup.

Availability:  Please keep your availability current in the JAS. We rely on the system heavily when replacements are needed.

Replacements:  If you need a replacement – you are required to use the assigning system for those available and contact the judges in assigning order.  You may not post on Facebook or just contact a friend out of convenience.  If it is a last minute emergency – go through Gwyned.  This is the last option that you see when you log in to the system:

National Symposium:  TBD

Region 8 Congress:  TBD 2020