Board Positions


Gywned SGB Application and Positions (1)

All –

The election for the position of Assigner will open 07/01/2020


You should receive a link to vote from The Voting Place.


Please find attached the candidate applications for the position of Assigner.


All other positions were uncontested.

Chelsea Albert — Education/Recruiting

Sharon Kelly — Event Director

Marian Dykes — Financial Assistant

Cathy Campfield — Recognition

Kathlyn Skeslock — Hospitality

Dana Kling — Website

Helena Brizzi — Volunteer Coordinator


Please vote!


Summer Updates 2019


  • GA Opportunities:
    • Region 8 Congress
    • August 3, 2019 (Registration should be posted soon on USAG)
    • Region 8 Symposium at 8/9/10 Training Camp at GAA – Oct. 18-20, 2019

If you test and I am NOT the T/A – You must send me a copy of your results.


  • Hard to Book meets will be published soon and assigning will begin in July.  Please wait for Gwyned to contact your booking group.  Do not send your request beforehand.
  • Brevets/Nationals – will be begin booking via email in early August.
  • Open booking for all other judges will be Saturday, Aug. 17, 2019 @ Gwyned’s house. Times TBA
    • If you test and your rating changes – please send your results ASAP


  • Was due to Marian by May 31.  If you included hours from a summer clinic, you must send your signed CPE record to Marian prior to booking.  If your CPE is incomplete, you must book last.


  • It’s time to renew all of your memberships for the 2019-2020 season and update you JAS profile
    • NAWGJ
    • USAG
    • AAU
  • Remember to add NAWGJ GA as a club affiliation when you renew membership.  If you do not, I will not be able to include you on group registrations.