2021 Level 7/8 Georgia Championships Info

Volunteer Opportunities:

We are very fortunate to be hosting the 7/8 STATE MEET!  It’s a great fundraising opportunity, but we need to make a great meet not only to raise money, but also to make it a great experience for the kids who have gone through so much to be at the state meet this year!

The first session on Friday 1A is labeled as such because it is still not set in stone (there may be no Friday session).  We should know soon.


Meet Information: https://www.gausag.org/state-meets

Meet COVID Protocols: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1niCUaiYSSIHpoxtbj-HbnukCyPcS9FgQ/view?usp=sharing

USAG COVID Protocols: file:///C:/Users/e200303333/Downloads/StateRegional%20Mask%20Mandate%203.2021[2].pdf